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A New Year Brings New Photographic Goals

I don't know why, but the passage of time always seems to force us to reflect on goals and our life long journey.  Why is it so hard to just let things happen as they will?  I try to live my life from day to day,  letting things happen as they unfold.   However, rolling with the punches, can be so hard sometimes. So like many, I think its important to set goals, and the start of the new year seems like a fitting time to do this.

 For 2014, I wanted to dive back into film in a big way.  I think I did that.  I reached for my film camera for all my personal projects, and at the end of 2014 I finally set up my own darkroom.  My main subject was the streets of Seattle.  I enjoyed the process of walking the same city route visit after visit.  I started to know many of the characters that occupied the streets.  Photographing mostly the same people as they lived their lives was a lot of fun.  

 For 2015, I want to continue creating images on film that seem to defy time. I was asked recently why I like shooting film, and my response was, film allows me to create photographs that are timeless.  The viewer doesn't know if the photograph was taken yesterday or fifty years ago.  Film helps me do this. 

While spending time exploring the city last year, I realized that I love showing my part of the world.  The strange quirks and oddities that we have here in the Pacific Northwest.

Like the way people smile the moment the sun interrupts the rain.  

So for 2015, I will be bringing you more of the Pacific Northwest.

More Interruptions in the rain. 

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