Dreams - Jake Johnson Fotos


As I sleep, I feel you next to me. We breathe in unison and the heat from your body keeps me warm. I drift farther off into my subconscious and things start to blur. In my dreamland, my obsession with you begins to fade. Off in the distance, I can barely see someone. It is a woman and she is crying. I go in for a closer look and I realize that its my love. I put my hands on her shoulders and once again feel her warmth. She looks at me and smiles. Nervously, she takes a deep breath and closes her eyes. Her spirit is lifted and her body is just a shell. I lay her down on the rocks at my feet and a tears fill my eyes. Suddenly, I awake from my dreams in a cold sweat only so see you still sleeping beside me. Your chest is rising with every breath and I realize that it was all just a dream. Comforted, I give you a kiss, and drift back into my subconscious, eager to see how we will meet again.

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