Golden Larch - Jake Johnson Fotos

This is the 4th year in a row that I have been able to make the trek up into the central Cascades in Autumn. Its one of my favorite times of year, because I get to photograph the Larch trees, which turn golden orange when they drop their needles. Its funny how little events that seem to be constant in my life help me reflect on where I have been. Another year has come and gone. I have lost a little bit more hair, and gained a few more pounds. My children are one year closer to adulthood. My wife and I have one more wonderful year in the books. The older I get, the more I seem to wonder about the aging process and what comes next. This year marked the year I entered into my 40th decade and things do seem a bit different. Sure, the aches and pains are getting worse, but there is a feeling over me now that I didn't feel when I first photographed the larch trees 4 years ago. Its almost as if my body is forcing me to slow down and savor things a bit more. Like I am on a bus, with an unknown destination. Trusting the driver to take me where I need to go. All the while, I can just sit back and enjoy the ride, looking at life go by. You know what...I like where things are heading.

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